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Help with pumpkin and squash please

Hi all,
I was given two pumpkin plants and two squash plants back in April and they are doing very well- lots of flowers and now producing pumpkins and squash. Should I now cut off any new growth as they are both growing like mad? I would prefer to have a couple of good size fruit rather than lots of little ones. Or is there another method? Thanks!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,454
    Depends on the variety, but certainly with larger ones like with crown prince and butternut, better let two good ones set and then pinch out the growing tips.  There is a smaller one that only grows a bit bigger than a tennis ball and you can let lots set then pinch out end of august.
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  • jennyr265jennyr265 Posts: 16
    Ok great thanks. Unfortunately I don't know the varieties as they came via my mother in law and she received them as gifts so we have no clue. I have two pumpkins almost football size so I will pinch out the rest and leave the squashes to grow for a bit. They are certainly taking over the garden! 
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 905
    @fidgetbones  We are growing Pumpkin Crown Prince, and squashes Turks Turban and Hunter for the first time this year.  That's useful to know about Crown Prince, but a shame, as we thought we would get more fruit from it.

    Do you, or anyone, know how many fruit we should allow to set on the above two squashes?

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