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Cabbages - Winter Jewel

Amy78Amy78 Posts: 13
Hi all.  Since getting my new raised beds in and filled, I decided to sow some cabbages ready to plant out after the salad veggies are over, however none of them seem to be germinating? 

I'm not sure if I am expecting too much, too soon or its something else?  They are in self-watering seed trays with covers outside in the plastic greenhouse but I'm wondering if they are too wet? I've never grown cabbages before as I've never had the room so its all new to me!


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,266
    Maybe.. or something munched them off as they germinated.  Do you have space to start them on a windowsill inside.. and take them out once they have their seed leaves up?  That way you can be sure they get the TLC they need.. neither too wet or dry.  If it's one of those small plastic greenhouses they probably cooked.. they can really heat up, even on a cloudy day.  Once the seed leaves are up I would just put them out in a sunny sheltered area by day and bring them in by night.  I find an uncovered clear plastic crate works great, as you can carry the whole lot in and out easy.. and it gives protection from the wind and keeps the individual sets of cells from blowing around.  If it's a large plastic greenhouse, the kind you can walk into.. then they are probably fine there if you have good ventilation during the day. 
    Utah, USA.
  • Amy78Amy78 Posts: 13
    Thank you. The plastic greenhouse is the kind you can walk into, I usually open the door during the day too so that the air circulates a bit better.  
    Definitely not eaten, I dug up one of the cells and the seed is still there but doing nothing!  I'll try a second set inside and see what happens.
  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,266
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    Yes.. maybe do the wet paper towel germination test?  You can pop them in some soil carefully if them do.
    Utah, USA.
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