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    There is a bit of a story behind that torch. The first one I bought on eBay (not from the excellent Torch Direct) was from a dodgy dealer who sold me a fake. I got a full refund and wrote to the manufacturer to tell them what had happened and they said they would no longer deal with that supplier.

    I thought no more of it but, out of the blue, got a phone call from the BBC three months later asking if I would feature on a TV programme called Fake Britain. I’ll admit I had never heard of it. One of the questions I was asked was why I needed such an expensive torch. I replied why do folk want expensive handbags when they can get a perfectly functional one for £10 from Primark. The interview was late afternoon and when we went into the garden the cameraman said he’d adjust the settings to make it look like it was dusk. And can you adjust them to make him 20 years younger and two stones lighter, asked my wife. ‘I’m not that good,’ he said.

    From time to time the programme gets repeated and folk phone me up to say ‘saw you on telly just now.’ I act nonchalantly. And the torch is brilliant, literally.
    Rutland, England
  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    You need a very robust, water resistant and excellent torch like this is you are to take it caving, into a storm or when leading groups. Many mountain and sea rescue groups use it. I love that it comes with two batteries rechargable by USB cable, cigerette lighter in a car or via computer. Also compatible to charge from an Android phone. 
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