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Honeysuckle soil feed ratio

clownhallclownhall Posts: 15
My container has been built and has drainage sorted with pea grave put in.  What compost and farmyard manure ratio do I mix for my honeysuckle, called Rhubarb and Custard. I understand that once it's settled all I need to do annually is put layer of manure on as a mulch, is this correct.
I'm hoping to put some tulip and daffodils bulbs in the lower section of the planter will this be ok to do.


  • That's a hell of a lot of gravel in're not planting cacti. Personally don't like gravel on the bottom of planters especially when they're not particularly deep. I'd fill it with a topsoil and multipurpose compost mix with the odd few scoops of manure with the addition of gravel throughout in the mix. In a proportion of 60/40 compost/topsoil. Not sure the lower part is deep enough to plant deep is it?
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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    I would use a mixture of topsoil with 20% well-rotted manure.  You can use a loam-based John Innes No. 3 in place of topsoil.
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  • clownhallclownhall Posts: 15
    George:- I've put gravel in for good drainage, are you saying there's too much. It's only about 1" thick. The depth of the lower section is about 12"
    Bob:- Thank you I'll follow your helpful advice. I think 3 bags J.I. No3 should do. 
  • HI Bob and George

    I have changed my planter by taking out the divided section and made it in to one. I’ve added an extra piece on the top making its depth 16” deep.
    Following various advice I have put on 50% of John Innings No1 and 50% multipurpose composts and added 1/3rd farmyard manure (clean stuff from garden centre) generous amount alpin grits. Our aim is to only put the honeysuckle in and see how it gets on. Of the 2 pictures one picture showing the top of the Honeysuckle main stem just slightly below the planter top. Hope this is right I wasn't sure how deep to bury it.
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,280
    John Innes 1 is not the right stuff, it is for seed sowing/cuttings.
    You need JI 3.
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  • Oh dear. It's a spelling mistake. I actually used J I No2. I'll have to put it right somehow.
  • It looks good to me. And don't worry about not being No3 the fact it has soil in its make up is the important thing so it can grab nutrients locked in better than multipurpose compost. Fingers crossed it grows strongly. Let us know how it goes in a few weeks. 
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  • Thank you George for your reassuring reply.
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