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Rose ID if possible!



  • Nollie - sounds very likely. Will check it out.
    PeteS. Going off Beales & DA website? Do you mean you haven’t much faith in them?  🤔

  • Nollie. I have looked at photos on Google - it’s difficult to tell as some show much darker blooms but in some pictures they look spot on.
    The blooms are primarily ivory but some have a hint of pink in the centre while some have a yellow tint. It’s the ‘antique’ off-white appearance that I’ve never seen before in a rose - apart from artificial ones!
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 4,006
    edited August 2020
    Hi Lyn,
    That was just a best guess, really, you won’t know for sure unless you see it for sale in a GC and can compare the real thing!

    Other identifying factors are the overall habit of the bush, thickness/glossiness of the leaves, colour of new leaf growth, which can be a lighter green, bronze or reddish, the shape of the unopened buds, whether there is any pink streaking on the outside of the buds, the colour of the stamens, number of thorns, the fragrance notes, if any...

    Many white roses can have a hint of yellow so are more ‘antique white’ in reality. Hotter weather tends to bring out a bit of pink as the red inhibitors in the rose break down. Some roses start off darker and turn white as they age or vice-versa. There will be some variation according to soil PH, climate and number of hours sun exposure. So the exact same rose would be slightly different in your garden than it would in mine.
  • Thanks so much for a very informative reply. The rose in question seems very tolerant as it’s growing on a sloping bank near my house, which is exposed and gets very dry in summer. It had an amazing first flush of blooms and seems quite disease free - apart from a touch of mildew on some of the stems this year. It never gets fed and, unless I do it, it only gets pruned with hedge trimmers (by the gardeners who occasionally look after the communal areas.) 
    I do hope my 4 cuttings continue to grow!
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