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Watering shrubs

LeeendeanLeeendean Posts: 122
Hi there hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely weather. As it’s been very warm would it be a good idea to be watering my newly planted shrubs every day now especially my 5 hydrangea 


  • DelsieDelsie Posts: 28
    I've been watering my new hydrangea and elegantissimus aureus every day and they seem to be enjoying it.  
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Depends how much water you are giving them each time. Little and often isn't good. A good drenching is best then on the next day check how dry the soil is by sticking in your finger a few inches, if it's wet leave the watering until the next day.

  • LeeendeanLeeendean Posts: 122
    Ive Been giving them a full watering can full, every 2 days at the moment but will check the soil in the morning. Like you said thanks guys 
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