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Abutilon Kentish Belle

LizaJLizaJ Posts: 51
I've received my recently ordered Abutilon Kentish Belle which is currently quite small, just wondered if anyone can advise if I should leave it in its pot for a while or if I can plant it out straight away?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I would not plant it into the ground if it's small. Keep it somewhere sheltered, preferably on a southerly aspect and re-pot into a larger pot if necessary. Best leave it to grow more and maybe look at planting it out next year in late spring. 
  • LizaJLizaJ Posts: 51
    Thanks Borderline.  I'm eager to get it into the ground but don't want to risk losing it so will pot it on and hope it grows on quickly.
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