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Senecio"Angel Wings" propagation

SophieKSophieK Posts: 244
Good evening
*novice gardener here*
I planted a Senecio "Angel Wings" last Fall in a south-facing border and it is thriving, so well in fact that I would like to move parts of it to other areas - however I can find very little literature on the internet on how to do it exactly.
Considering how the plant looks, my instinct would say to propagate by division, but not sure about exactly how or the right time of year to do it.
Could any of you enlighten me?
Thank you


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    edited July 2020
    If it has side shoots you can remove those and plant them. I have also grown them by accident when I knocked off a couple of leaves. I was so upset as it was new, I put them in water and left them on the window sill. They stayed fresh all winter as I kept topping up the water. When I decided to throw them out many weeks later, the vase was full of roots, so I planted them in pots. The parent plant had got leggy, so I chopped the top off with secateurs, dipped the end in rooting powder and planted it in a pot. It grew too. The remainder of the plant had several side shoots which soon grew over the stump. Recently the wind broke off a side shoot so that is now in a pot too. As they have one main stem, dividing the whole plant isn't an option. Hope this helps.
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