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Bypass secateurs

has anyone found a full proof way of sharpening secateurs?  I purchased a pair Falco left handed ones but have failed to keep them sharp and now resort to buying a new cheap pair at the start of each season but really feel I should do better.  I have purchased sharpening tools with limited success hence the inquiry. 
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,149
    I have a teeny, knife sharpener steel I found on a stall selling knives and other kit for anglers.  It's perfect for sharpening Felcos and my other secateurs too but I also manage with the normal sized kitchen knife sharpening steel.   Much easier to find as it lives in the knife block.

    I usually sharpen just the outside of the blade after using a bit of fine sanding paper to remove any obvious gunge or rust and then wipe and spray the entire mechanism with WD40.  One year Possum managed to "lose" a pair in the compost heap after dead heading pelargoniums for me.  We found them the following spring in a bit of a state so I took them to the Felco stand at the Chelsea Flower Show.

    They took them away for a total service and a new blade which cost me £25 including postage to a UK address.   My SIL brought them to me on her next visit.
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