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Decking Stain


was looking for some advice if possible please. I, like a lot of others during lockdown thought I would jazz up my garden. I have a boundary fence and an area of decking that was looking a little "shabby" so wanted to give it a new lease of life.

I bought Ronseal's One Coat Timbercare in Dark Oak (product code 37311) to do the fence with. As none of the high street DIY retailers; B&Q, Homebase etc. had Ronseal's Dark Oak decking stain on the shelf, I found some online and bought it.

Upon receipt of the decking stain I noted from the colour square on the tin that the Dark Oak decking stain was a completely different shade of brown to the Dark Oak fence paint!

I have contacted Ronseal and they have confirmed that although the timbercare and the decking stain have the same name (Dark Oak), they are different colours.

So does anyone know whether there is a decking stain that would be a colour match for the Dark Oak Timbercare fence paint?



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