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Bee or wasp?

I have a nest in an old wall vent at the back of the house that is closed the other end (so no house access). But I am having trouble identifying what they are. The workers seem to be smaller than a yellowjacket and instead of the bright yellow striped back, it's more a dull yellow. (They could be yellowjackets, but I'm used to them being bigger for some reason).
They don't seem aggressive, several have got in windows and seem happy for me to catch and release them outside. I was lucky enough today to get a photo of what I assume is the queen leaving the nest, and I hope this will help identify the species. She was about 2 1/2 times the size of the workers. Also photo of a dead worker.
I intend to leave the nest alone until they are gone as they are not bothering me and look after my garden :)
Many thanks for any help.


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