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Erodium Pelagoniflorum sagging and floppy - was bought online

WishywashyWishywashy Posts: 12
edited 19 July in Plants
During lockdown  has forced me to buy plants online for the first time. I was sceptical and reluctant to.
This Erodium Pelogoniflorum arrived not too badly packed.

It's only young and small (about 3 inches) so I didn't put it in full sun, where I put it (in a pot) is mostly shady and a bit of afternoon and evening sun/light.

Is it due to it being dormant in heat of mid summer type of plant anyway, or is it just not likely to pick up since it transit to my house in postal system and come more to life until next year, because it was sent online and replanted by me in early July.

I hope it's roots will take well enough to survive the winter anyway, and I just look forward to it next spring I suppose.

Any advice on what to expect from such a young plant potted in July and bought online?.

Claire Wishywashy


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 2,855
    It should pick up a bit, it sounds like you're doing the right sort of things. What size was it bought as? That sounds like what I would expect from a super-plug or perhaps a 9cm pot if I was unlucky. Where did you buy it from?
  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160
    I don't find these transplant well. Had the soil come away from the root? 
  • WishywashyWishywashy Posts: 12
    It came in loose compost with a bit of wetness tied around the base just for transit obviously, I think. So I could say compost was not tightly on the roots. The root was about 8 inches deep if I remember rightly the leaved dried and came off, only a few small 2 inch high ones left, I've given it a reasonable sized pot though. Was: Gardens4you online I think.
    Claire Wishywashy
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 2,855
    edited 19 July
    Gardens4u always struck me as looking a bit dodgy, sure enough they only have 2.5/5 on Trustpilot. Go with a more reputable seller in future if possible. For example Ballyrobert have 4.7/5 which it's well deserved in my personal experience!
  • WishywashyWishywashy Posts: 12
    Thank you for the advice.
    Claire Wishywashy
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