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Rambling rose query

collictcollict Posts: 2
I heard on Gardeners World a few weeks ago that we should prune rambling roses before August or we may not get many flowers next year. I have a David Austin Rambling rose, Malvern Hills which I’ve had to cut back a bit because my husband wants to clear the gutters above but on the label it says to prune in Feb/March. It still has some flower buds on so I have left these for the moment but just cut back where there are no flowers any more. 

Any advice, please?


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,401
    I would imagine the advice was mainly for ramblers that have one flush of flowers in summer. If you prune them now, or after they have done flowering, you therefore won't be depriving yourself of blooms later in the year. And you'll be giving them plenty of time to send up next years flowering canes. As DA roses are repeat flowering, pruning them now would affect the flowers that are yet to come, so follow the advice to prune in early spring. (Unless you need to control them from getting into gutters etc!)
  • collictcollict Posts: 2
    Thank you. 
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