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Euonymus alatus

LeeendeanLeeendean Posts: 122
First of all sorry to keep asking so many questions on here but I’m new to all this and very keen to learn. I’ve just brought Euonymus alatus at my garden centre but can’t find much info on planting dose it root ball have to be same size as the hole it’s going in or shall I plant it deeper than that root ball or is it the same as any type of shrub. Thanks 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,112
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    Never plant a tree any deeper than it was in the pot. 😊 

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  • LeeendeanLeeendean Posts: 122
    Ok thank you so it has to be same level as the soil basically. So use a cane to check it’s level both sides if you no what I mean 
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,613
    But you can dig the hole wider and mix in some compost when you fill in around the plant. And if your ground is compacted, loosen the soil in the bottom of the hole. If the root ball is at all dry, dunk it in a bucket of water (pot and all) until the air bubbles stop coming up to make sure it's good and damp all the way through before you plant it.
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  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,665
    You need to dig a square shaped hole twice the size of the pot. If you have some, a forkful of manure or home-made compost in the bottom would be a good idea and a handful of fertiliser. I usually water the hole as well to make sure there's enough moisture for the new shrub to absorb. After the water has drained away, stand the pot in the hole, and make sure the base of the shrub is level with the original level of the ground - it helps to put a cane across the top of the pot to check it's level. If it's not, either dig a deeper hole or put some of the excavated soil back in. When you're happy with the level, upend the pot with your fingers around the base of the shrub, tease out the roots gently and put in the hole. Depending on the height of the shrub, it may be a good idea to insert a cane to support the shrub at this stage.  Backfill with the excavated soil, firming gently as you go, tread gently all round when you've finished, then give it another watering canful of water. Keep it well watered with 2 cans full, twice a week for the next couple of months.
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  • LeeendeanLeeendean Posts: 122

  • LeeendeanLeeendean Posts: 122
    Thanks Lizzie this is the size of the shrub I’ll plant it like you said is it a good ideas to when back filling say half full to add some water to stop air bubbles or is there no need to do that 
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,412
    I don't think there's any need, just give it a MASSIVE water at the end. You've got good taste in shrubs, this is one of my favourites!
  • LeeendeanLeeendean Posts: 122
    Ok thanks Lizzy and yea I’ve seen them fully grown there amazing lovely coulor red as well thanks everyone for all your help 
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