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Peat-free gardeners - mushroom compost?

I’m in the planning stages for my new garden and so doing a lot of research, lately reading/watching Charles Dowding No Dig, and if we go that route I’m going to need a lot of compost especially to get the veg plot started. Spent mushroom compost seems a brilliant idea - using a waste product, cost effective etc. But then when I looked at our local mulch supplier, I noted it contains peat, which I have so far avoided entirely due to concerns about the environmental impact. 

But it seems that commercial mushroom production uses peat as a matter of course! Perhaps I’m unreasonable to be shocked, but it seems I should not be buying cultivated mushrooms if I want to be true to my peat-free gardening morals. 

If you’re peat free do you/woud you still use spent mushroom compost? As it’s a waste product?

I’m thinking maybe a letter writing campaign to supermarkets etc may be in order (when the stress of house buying is over!). Has any environmental group taken this up as a specific campaign - I couldn’t find any googling - just one blog post from an individual.


  • I am very surprised there is no replies to this post few months on! I have started reading about Charles Dowding No Dig last year. I was planning to order some spent mushroom compost today but just like you, I decided to find out a bit more about it and stumbled upon the same website as you regarding what's wrong with spent mushroom compost. Good job I did! It's shocking no one talks about it! it's full of peat. A campaign might be in order to enlighten people.
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