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Encouraging hedgehogs!

HalleSHalleS WiltshirePosts: 105
Hi everyone.
My neighbour told me they saw a hedgehog in their garden, which I think is so exciting! I moved here from the US about 4 years ago and have yet to see one in person. 
I’ve since noticed a little ‘tunnel’ under my fence but the gap is only about 4 inches tall. Could it have been made by hogs? 
Also, my garden is pretty closed off with a fence on 2 sides, brick wall on one side, and neighbour’s fence other side (with a bit of a gap). I was thinking of cutting some holes in my fence for the wildlife but if the hedgehogs are squeezing under it, are the holes necessary? I was even considering asking my neighbour if I could drill some decent sided holes in the brick wall, but perhaps that is a little extreme!
I know the best way to encourage hedgehogs is to keep a wild-ish garden which I’m excited about doing. I’ve planted a bunch of things already because I couldn’t wait but the garden is getting an overhaul within the next year or two. 
Any advice is much appreciated!



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,872
    The recommendation is a hole 5 inches or 13 cm square, although why square I don't know since hedgehogs are not.  I don't know how deep the gap already is. I would be inclined to do a semi circle in the wood with a 3 inch radius.  A corner for the hedgehog to stay in the day could easily be done with some twiggy branches in an undisturbed place. You could go to the expense of hogitats. Remember wildlife does not like it too tidy, plenty of cover and hedge bottoms are good for snuffling in.

      Some of the hedgehog houses are a bit garish, but put in a corner with some branches over will hide them.

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
  • HalleSHalleS WiltshirePosts: 105
    @fidgetbones Thank you for the advice and the links! I'll have a crack at constructing a hedgehog house and I'll definitely be cutting some holes in the fence.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 9,647
    edited July 2020
    Always exciting when a hedgehog shows up ! 🦔
    As @Fidgetbones says there is lots of information on the Hedgehog Street site,  there is also this big thread on here with various forum members experiences of the lovely hedgehog.

  • HalleSHalleS WiltshirePosts: 105
    Thanks @AnniD I will have a look! I was mostly just curious if anyone could tell if a hedgehog had been crawling under my fence but it's pretty hard to tell from the picture.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 9,647
    It's certainly possible. It might be worth having a look round to see if you can spot any poo. It may be on the grass or on paving and generally looks like this 

    Apologies if you're having your lunch !
  • HalleSHalleS WiltshirePosts: 105
    @AnniD I will start my poo patrol ASAP!  :D
  • There's a hedgehog that comes in our garden. It has four points of entry, none of which we made! It works out quite well as there's a gap under the back fence which it likes to use, there's a hole on the fence on the right hand side, a gap under the gravel board on the left hand side, and it's able to get under the gate to go out to the front of the house. None of the gaps are all that big and it's a healthy size scamp. We weren't actually aware of it until I caught sight of it walking across the garden one evening. That's when I got a wildlife camera and it's been great entertainment! 
  • HalleSHalleS WiltshirePosts: 105
    @februarysgirl That's great to hear! I have gaps on 3 sides so hopefully that's good enough. Although I think I might cut a few extra - it can't hurt, right?
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 4,243
    The gaps under my gates are no bigger, and I know ( night camera) that a full grown male can get under them. So maybe a house or one of these

    So you could watch for visitors might be a good idea @HalleS 😁
  • HalleSHalleS WiltshirePosts: 105
    @purplerallim That looks perfect! I love the idea of see-through sides. I’ve got some spare wood and was thinking of crafting a little home for the hogs but I might have to make a plastic one as well!
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