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Lily buds - what’s happening? 😭

Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 700
edited July 2020 in Plants
I have been patiently waiting for my tree lilies to start flowering and even about a week ago the buds looked good, nice, plump and getting bigger. 
Today I noticed that most of the flower buds started to shrivel, even the nice big ones that were about to open. I’m so disappointed  😩 What is going on?
they flowered profusely last season, the other lilies I have in the garden look ok so far. 
The leafs look all nice and healthy and glossy, just the buds are falling off. 
I made sure they are watered every day, the drainage in the pot is working. I fed them a little from time to time. But here we are 😩



  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,943
    They are looking quite wet, heavy rain can cause damage and lead them to drop off, maybe that's the reason. 
  • Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 700
    The other lilies pretty much only 10m away are all fine. But they are growing in the ground, not in the pot 🙁 I wonder if it is because of the pot? But they did perfectly last year in the same pot and there is only three of them in one big pot... 
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