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Looking for some advice on my lawn. About a month ago I covered it in Evergreens feed, weed and moss killer product .

I'ts done it's job in killing a lot of the weeds though some have returned!

There are now lots of black patches and I am thinking about what to do next. I was thinking about overseeding it in September.


If I want to go down this route do when do I apply autumn feed to the lawn

Should I give it another treatment of the Evergreen product before September

I know I need to get some top soil - how much depth do I need and what coverage would I get from 25 Litres.

I cut it on Saturday - does it look as if I am cutting it too short?

Any tips or assistance would be good.


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,598
    I would skip the autumn feed if you're overseeding in autumn, but scarify first to get some of the dead material (thatch) out and scuff up the soil a bit. I would spot-treat or dig out any weeds that pop up rather than more feed&weed. The blackening is from overdosing the feed&weed on those patches - it's not easy to spread it thinly and evenly, so go careful next time. A bit less than advised is better than too much, and it does need to be watered in as per the instructions if it doesn't rain at the right time.
    Not sure about the topsoil, I just rough up any completely bare patches left after autumn scarifying and sprinkle seed over where it's bare or thin, maybe with a bit of ordinary compost if I have it spare.
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Soil type: sandy, well-drained
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