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Lavatera Mallow

chembluechemblue Posts: 39
Hi. Hope you were all able to spend time in the garden today. Can you please advise if I need to deadhead my lavatera and if so how. Look forward to receiving your valued advice. 

Take care and keep safe. Blessings to you 


  • poppyfield64poppyfield64 Posts: 332
    Hi.  I deadhead mine as soon as the flowers start to close up during the day and wither.  Just snip the dead flowers off and this will encourage it to bloom more.  In the spring I cut back very hard and just leave the new shoots as these will have the flowers for that summer.
  • sarinkasarinka Posts: 270
    I do, to keep them blooming. It's quite a lot of work, though, if you have a few of them
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