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Can we do anything with these damaged shrubs?


We've recently had a large tree removed and its caused some damage to a couple of shrubs that were nearby. I think they are an Eleagnus and a Viburnum burkwoodii. 

The eleagnus suffered worst it's been badly crushed and looks quite a mess now. It looks worse in person than in the photos. Can anyone advise if you think its beyond saving or what we could do to help it (cut it right back maybe?)

I think the viburnum will be ok but can we do anything to help it fill out?

Thanks :smile:


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,634
    For the eleagnus, cut back all the damaged stems to just above a healthy pair of leaves and then check the shape that's left in case it needs modifying.   Then give it a good drink of at least 10 litres, poured slowly around the roots so it soaks right down.   Repeat 2 or 3 times a week in dry spells this summer.

    Check the viburnum for any broken stems and remove them then give it a good drink too. 

    Both shrubs will now have extra light and sunshine so should grow back well.
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  • All you can do now is prune out all damaged branches - which may lead to an uneven shape - and then wait until next year and hard prune in Spring. Or, you could bite the bullet and take the whole lot down to a stump and see if it regenerates. I had to do the latter with an Elaeagnus ebbingei after a summer storm broke it. It has come back without issue.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,932
    Both are tough shrubs. Cut back and water, as indicated.

    There's nothing to lose anyway. They certainly aren't going to look great if left  :)
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  • AFC8AFC8 Posts: 20
    Great that's what we'll try then and hopefully they will perk up :) Thank you all for your advice x
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