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Garden Designer without the work?!?


Our back garden is a blank canvas and we want to start planning what we can do with it. I feel we need a Garden Designer/Architect to come in and help us - we could achieve something amazing with the space and I don’t want our ideas to limit it.
However, we aren’t quite ready to start - still making the inside of our new home liveable. We’d like to discuss designs and get a plan in place so that once funds and time allow, we can start doing elements/areas of it, knowing what the end result will be.
Is this something that Designers offer? Or do we have to be 100% ready to do the work? Basically, we want a plan we can work from going forward. Thanks! 😊


  • You should be able to find a designer who will draw a scaled plan, creating a design that meets your brief. Whether you then choose to use the designer's landscaper is up to you. Many should be happy producing a plan for you to execute. As for the house not being finished, that is not a problem.

    Finally, if they are a decent designer they will have existing work so many not be able to come immediately.
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    After doing several gardens from scratch I splashed out on a designer for the next one. He came and had a look and we talked ideas and he had some good ones I think I could have taken it from there but we decided to hire him.
    Later on he came for the afternoon and we sat outside while he drew up the design for us. It was a lovely day and a great experience which we thoroughly enjoyed. We did the work ourselves over time and tweaked a few things as we went along. Have now moved yet again and started another garden from scratch without a designer.
    Don't confuse a landscaper with a designer. The first will want to quote for doing the work whereas the designer is happy just to leave it up to you , ours did offer a planting plan if we wanted one though.
  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,052
    We had design only done some years ago and it was invaluable.  The ideas the designer came up with included some we would never have thought of.  Many designers are also landscapers but most will happily just do the design and provide the planting plan.  Try speaking to people at local nurseries to see if they have any suggestions for people in your area.
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