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Leylandi Supresus brown leaves

chile_ukchile_uk Posts: 4
Hi all,

I bought 4 Leylandi Suppresus at £500 (a big investment) in February to eventually provide a screen for us in our new garden.

now I am starting to see brown leaves on all plants coming from the middle outwards. I can see new growth at top and at ends but brown leaves in middle and they fall off to the touch.

i have looked up potential problems and I can see pages on under watering and overwatering with the same symptoms (so I don’t know which way to go!)

I have been watering each tree each week about 5 litres of water. I also planted the trees in a double sized hole with bonemeal to promote growth of roots. 

One concern I have is it seemed like clay soil around the hole I dug. 

Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening? I have also attached some pics. Keen to save them as they cost so much and I would like them to grow to provide us with a screen.




  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,008
    Hello chile_uk
    They are definitely not Cupressus x leylandii !
    Look more like Cupressus arizonica Glauca ; it's no wonder they were expensive .
    Not averse to clay soil at all , but maybe 5 litres of water to an establishing tree is not enough .
    Did you prise apart some of the rootball prior to planting ? If they were pot grown ,it is possible they were pot-bound ; they appear to be of a decent size from what I can see .

  • chile_ukchile_uk Posts: 4
    Thanks for clarifying! 

    Yes I bought them in pots and I remember I forgot to prise the roots out of the root ball. Something which annoyed me after they were in the ground! 

    Would you recommend digging up and getting some of the roots free or up my watering or both? 

    Thanks for the advice

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,008
    It may be a bit risky to do that , but if you're like myself and can't wait , I'd do as you suggest .
    Replant and keep wet .
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