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Shaping or pruning a young Magnolia

HumbleBeeHumbleBee Posts: 105
Hi All
I planted this Magnolia Soulangeana in April 2018. I read at the time that you shouldn't prune magnolias so I have not touched it at all since planting - not even light trimming. It is now c. 1m 20cm tall and two of the main stems cross each other which is not good and one stem (on the left) is beginning to sag under the weight of leaves as the stems are still quite thin and weedy. At this stage in its development should I just continue to leave this as it is or should I try to shape it a bit - if so, is removing one of the main stems that is crossing too much to do at this stage? Should I trim off some of the length of the branches to avoid them bowing under the weight of leaves - if so, how much?
Any advice much appreciated :)

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