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Rowan Tree - holes

Does anyone know what has made these holes in my rowan tree?  One piece is so hollowed out I fear it will snap off.  The leaves seem fine.  I only noticed the holes today.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I'm afraid it is most likely Canker. At some stage, your tree may have had some kind of damage on the trunk/branches and an air borne fungus has got into the trunk. I have seen many similar looking trees over the years on streets and they continue to leaf up and produce berries, so your tree may be the same.

    However, once you have this issue, it is very possible your tree is on its way out and the trunk may give way, so you need to think about that too.
  • Many thanks for your comment. I might try to cut that particular bit out and see how the rest of the tree fares.
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