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Is this tree dead and if not, how can I resuscitate it!

I have one lonesome tree in my back ‘garden’: (The whole plot is covered in gravel)! I think it’s dead but if there’s any trick to bringing it back to life, I’d like to resurrect it. I’ve no idea what it is, or how long it’s been planted as I only recently moved in. Any and all advice appreciated.


  • B3B3 Posts: 26,505
    It looks like Cousin It😉
    I'd say it's definitely dead.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • DevonianDevonian Posts: 176
    It's a Cordyline Australis (also known as Torbay Palm or Cabbage Palm). Extremely tough usually, but that one really does look very dead I'm afraid! If you leave it and remove all those dead leaves it might come back to growth, but if it's dead it won't.

    You could try cutting into the trunk to see if the fibrous wood inside is alive - you'll be able to tell as it will be pale in colour and moist (or dull/brown and dry if it's dead).

    You can pick up replacements very cheaply though! Will grow well in southern regions
  • B3 said:
    It looks like Cousin It😉
    I'd say it's definitely dead.

    It’s actually identical to Cousin It 😂😂😂. Poor tree, it didn’t stand a chance with me as it’s mum 🤣. I’ll remove the leaves and see how it looks without the hair!
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