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Wild Moth Mullein (Verbascum Blattaria)


After being spurred on by the help on my post yesterday I thought I would ask about a plant called Moth Mullein (Verbascum Blattaria) and do pollinators like it?

As mentioned in yesterdays post I am trying to plant a plethora of wildflowers in my garden, growing a lot from seed from this excellent company

The plant's name doesn't have much to do with moths beecause they are named as the stamen looks like a moths antennae. There is such thing as a Mullein Moth that feeds on, you guessed it, Mullein.

Expect a few more of this kind of postfrom me as the people on here are really helpful for me trying to make a good wildflowery garden! :)
Grow wildflowers in your garden


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,863
    There are certain"improved" versions of wildflowers that are just as good for your garden  and the wildlife as their unimproved cousins.  I have grown various mulleins over the years. Now they tend to pop up all over the place. Some that grow in the veg patch get relocated to the wildflower patch. Teasels also tend to be something you have once and then they seed around. I did have a mullein called bananas and custard that has bigger , brighter yellow flowers than the normal type. One popped up next to my polytunnel. I left it and was rewarded for my laziness.  If you want to encourage wildlife, you need all sorts. A log heap in a dark corner lets beetles breed and suitable for hedgehogs to hibernate.  Some birds eat seed, others insects, so to get a spread of birds, you need both. A goldfinch is as likely to peck out the seeds from a lavender head as a teasel, so don't be too tidy and leave some seed heads for the winter.  Umbellifers in general attract a lot of insects, especially hoverflies. Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing is cow parsley that has Chelsea flower show looks.Bronze fennel is pretty.  My wildflower patch has a hogweed, but you can easily work in some of the improved cow parsley types. A carrot that didn't do much last year is flowering this year in the middle of the sweetcorn. There is a flowering parsnip flowering next to the  courgettes.  Learn to recognise what pops up on its own and make a decision whether you want it or not.
    When a political party candidate made a disparaging remark about when was I going to tidy the front garden, I told him it was a nature reserve. It had ground nesting bees in it. My lawn looks fine when it has just been cut, and functions fine for a party. Allowed to grow a little, it has daisies, violets, purple selfheal, white clover, dandelions, celandines.  Bees have little nests in it. The ants nest in the corner entices a green woodpecker.  I never use lawn weedkiller or feed. It gets cut  now and then.  You also need a thick skin. My garden has been variously described. Old fashioned. Cottage gardeny. Too much work for me. A bit loose and blousey.  The wildlife pond is dangerous for kiddies, it has a 5 ft deep end (so keep your kids on  a lead). My sister won't come anywhere near as she is frightened of frogs, they do have a habit of leaping out on occasion.  In the middle of all that lot I have some giant dahlias, big brash and absolutely useless for wildlife. You can mix it all up.  and sometimes we get a surprise visitor.

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
  • edev08edev08 Posts: 56
    I am only planting wildflowers in my garden. I create shady spots for Yellow Archangel and sunny spots for White Campion. I am trying to get the most diverse amount of wildflowers and areas in the garden.
    Grow wildflowers in your garden
  • SkandiSkandi Northern DenmarkPosts: 1,447
    Dahlias are not totally useless for wildlife @fidgetbones slugs and snails love them! and voles quite like to eat the roots to.
    @edev08 have you got any fumary Fumaria officinalis, yet? Lovely plant, it scrambles a bit but is really easy to remove if it gets to big. and the bees love it.

  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 3,997
    @fidgetbones - I guess that was one vote he lost then :D
    Your garden sounds like mine. Perhaps I'm not the only poor soul who mows round a pretty speedwell or ladies smock and lets hogweed grow in the borders!
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,863
    I have plenty of slugs and snails, but the hostas by the pond are not nibbled. Presumably the frogs have them.
    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
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