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Flowers on cucumber turning white and leaves dying

Hi there,

I am growing telegraph Improved cucumbers in an greenhouse.

Currently, on some plants the flowers are turning white and the fruits are not developing. On other plants, the leaves are turning yellow.

I have already harvested a good number of cucumbers and more are coming.

BTW a reduced yield might be a blessing as the packet says a plant will feed a family of 4 and I have 5 plants as I did not believe them.

I apply tomorite weekly.

Any advice


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,269
    I'm growing a mini-munch cucumber in my greenhouse which has been producing plenty of cucumbers.
    The cool weather last week has made it pause and I've had a few undeveloped flowers too and a few manky leaves.
    I think it's just weather related.
    I've cut off the dodgy leaves and new fruits are swelling again now it's warmed up a bit.
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  • chrisjodchrisjod Posts: 1
    I have just noticed the same problem, look identical to your picture. Did you discover how to solve the issue?
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