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Potato nesting



  • B3 said:
    I googled it. It looks like you can grow them in a contraption filled with hay

    I guess that's a bit like my one's nest!

  • You learn something every day on this forum! Although I got half way down this link and decided I'd rather stick to potato bags, far easier...

    no way, that looks a lot like my one's nest! How funny
  • Fire said:
    I've seen the above done in permaculture circles but with banked up straw. I'd not heard them called nests before. (Or Horse Nests)

    well they are for birthing tiny potatoes after all...
  • GemmaJF said:
    Seems like Holly is miles ahead of a lot of us! Not heard of it either, looks like a great space saver that a lot people might want to try.

    ha, I'm not sure about that...
  • hollyenglishhollyenglish Posts: 10
    edited July 2020
    For anyone interested, here is an earlier picture, before anything had grown.

  • Treeface said:
    Considering you'd never heard of it, it's pretty random that you decided to try growing them like that!
    Yes very serendipidous! It was just such a cute potato that I wanted to keep it somewhere I could check on it. I had been pulling out grass and piling it up so it made sense to use that- I'll let you know what happens..

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