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Cardboard mulching on flower beds

Hello, I need some advice about using cardboard as a mulch layer.

I moved at the end of last year and the garden beds were thick with various weeds, ornamental grasses and old shrubs. I've now pulled these all up and the beds are currently covered over with cardboard. 

I initially intended to leave them like this until I had the time/resources to fully mulch over the bed with compost (I was aiming for late autumn).

The problem I have is that I was gifted some lovely bare root roses which I had to pot as the soil was not suitable. However, they really look like they've reached their limit so I think I should get them in the ground asap!

I have x2  bags of compost to hand, so my plan was to plant the roses into the ground now. Would it be detrimental to use cardboard as a mulch around the base of the roses before adding a layer of the compost I have on top?

 I was also concerned about slugs as I read cardboard encourages them, but I'm really worried about the weed regrowth and don't think I have enough compost to sufficiently prevent weeds at this time.

Should I use cardboard? 
Is it best to ride out the rest of the growing season in a pot until I can make the soil healthy enough?

Would appreciate your ideas on how to handle!

Many thanks!


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,398
    I would put them in larger pots until you have things ready. Or else find an out of the way spot that is free of those weeds and plant them temporarily. It doesn't have to be the perfect spot as you'll be moving them eventually.
  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    It's not the best time of year to move/disturb growing Rose's, I'd wait until the Autumn.  In the meantime you can be improving the soil be adding bagged manure.....removing weeds, mulching the ground in preparation for planting the then dormant Rose's.....
  • Thank you for the replies. I unfortunately don't have any larger pots or prepared areas so I think I'll hold fire and leave them in their existing pots until autumn.
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