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Help with Blueberry bushes

My blueberry bushes were planted last year, however the leaves have all turned reddy brown and the fruit shrivelling. I planted in ericaceous soil and have been watering most nights when there hasn’t been rain. I did however water them with the remains of a tomato plant fertiliser when watering my tomatoes. Could this be the problem?

Should I try to replant in new soil? 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,897
    I don't know the reason why your plants are looking so poorly, but I can at least tell you how I grow mine.

    Like yours they're planted in ericaceous compost.
    I only water them with rainwater and try to never let the pots dry out.
    They are in the sun all day and sometimes need watering twice a day in hot weather. 
    I feed once a month during the growing season with Miracle Grow fertilizer for Azaleas/Rhododendrons 
    I give them a seaweed extract feed about once every 2 weeks while they're growing.
    I have 3 plants that are all heavy with delicious berries.

    I hope you can revive yours. They're well worth growing.
    Best of luck!

    Billericay - Essex

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  • Thank you. This is really helpful. 
    I also use rainwater but wonder if I just didn’t water them enough during the really hot weather. Just hope I can revive them.
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