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What's happening to my pyracantha hedge?!


I have a pyracantha hedge in front of my house. The soil is chalky and southwest facing. I have fed it with chicken pellets twice this year, plus an iron feed, I water it regularly and have put mulch on the ground to reduce evaporation. 

The thing is, half of the hedge is doing well and the other half is not. The bad half (two bushes) has hung on to last year's berries and has produced very few leaves this year. 

Interestingly I planted a new bush last year on the bad side of the hedge and this seems to be doing fairly well. As you can see in the pics, the two bushes either side, however, aren't! 

Any ideas what could be causing this problem?
Would cutting off last year's berries help out?

Many thanks


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    They are planted very close to the wall so probably just very thirsty.  Try giving each plant a 10 litre bucket of water poured slowly so it soaks in and do that daily till they show signs of new growth.   Then you can reduce it to 5 litres a day or 10 every 2.  Keep this up till the autumn rains start.  
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