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Old dead? apple tree

Hi guys n'gals,

We moved home 18 months ago and inherited an old dead? apple tree. Our new neighbours told us that the tree was very healthy several months previous but the guy that lived there was sick of picking up apples so poisoned the tree (the neighbour didn't know what he used)

Recently we have noticed a small shoot growing from the tree but as the bark is peeling off all over I don't think the new shoot has a future staying attached. My question to you all is can I take that shoot as a cutting?

I am loath to just try without advice, as it's the tree's last chance, plus I have just recently got the gardening bug and have no experience taking cuttings. I have added two photos, one to show the bad condition of the tree and the other to show the new shoot.

I hope someone can help.

Regards John :)


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    That looks like it might be seedling which has germinated in an existing hole in the tree which seems to have filled with debris over time.  If so, it won't be the same as the mother tree.  I would wait until the twig/sapling is dormant then try sawing away some of the dead wood below it to see if it has roots of its own.  If it doesn't and is actually part of the old tree, then you could try cutting it off and rooting the cutting in gritty compost.
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  • MovsterMovster Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice :)
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