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Can anything be done to save my garrya

I inherited this garrya in an old pot. It sat in the garden for a time looking miserable ( I didn't know what it was) however last witer it actually fowered and lovely long tassles appeared, hence I was able to iddentify it.  I have since put it into the back of a border sheltered  but sunny spot. However it has not put on any growth and the leaves are spotted and yellowing ,It still does not appear to be very happy.  I think  it is an old shrub and there does appear to be a small stump where it was obviously heavily reduced at some point .  I am wondering if there is any thing to be done for it or is it beyond help?  If so what ?
and when? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Be patient with the shrub. Sounds like being confined in a pot for a while so may need some time to adjust. Make sure the position you give it has shelter from harsh winds. It doesn't look too mature to me, so may need a bit of protection until it gets stronger.

    Water generously now we are in the summer, and keep on top of watering right into the autumn months. Check branches for die-back. They will look brittle and dry. Prune them off. That should stimulate new growth. Mix in more compost or well rotted manure to help the soil retain moisture. 
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