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Salix flamingo

Can anyone help!?? My new salix flamingo which I planted in the ground about 6 weeks ago was doing really well and growing nicely. I watered regularly and even watered everyday when the weather was very warm. But all of a sudden it's started to die! It's got brown leaves all over not just at the tips. And it's been raining a lot in London at the moment, so I don't think it needs more water! I recently planted a tomato plant next to the flamingo and my dad is convinced it does not like the tomato plant. Could this be possible? It's so sad to see it dying when it was thriving just 2 weeks ago! Help please! Anyone!..


  • I frankly don't know why these are so popular...a willow has no place in a domestic garden (unless it's a bog that needs draining). And I can't imagine its possible to overwater it. They naturally live by lakes and rivers. It would have absolutely nothing to do with a tomato...but why is a tomato planted there anyway? Is the tomato a bush variety? As you can tell I'm confused. 
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    Did you soak the root ball before you planted it?  

    How much water have you been giving it?  Willows are thirsty so I'd try giving it a 10litre bucketful, poured slowly, every day till it recovers.   Other than competing for water a tomato plant is unlikely to harm a willow.
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    Thanks for your comment. I did water before i planted it. I was reluctant to water it more because it's been raining everyday in London this past 7 days. Some days quite heavily, other days just a light shower. But prior to that, on the hot days I'd water all my plants both in the early morning and then again late evening. I have other flamingos that are in pots that I bought 2 years ago, and they are perfectly fine. But I will try your suggestion and see how I get on! Thanks again.
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    Any new shrub, climber or tree planted in spring will need regular watering throughout its first growing season to help get it established and get its roots down.   April and May were very dry so the soil will be dry quite deep down.  Unless you have monsoon levels of rain, continue giving it a bucketful of water every 2 or 3 days once it shows signs of recovery.
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    You mention you have other 'Flamingos' in pots and they are all OK. Could be the position of your plant. You may not be aware, it may be by a wind path and even at this time of year, wind damage happens. Especially once your leaves are new and fresh. I would not be surprised if your plant was grown in controlled conditions and not exposed to real-life garden conditions prior to your purchase.

    I have a containers on my balcony full of wind damaged leaves. Don't under estimate how winds can dry your plants. I regularly water my containers after days of heavy winds. Have you noticed the windy conditions lately? Water generously and trim off the dried sections off, it will hopefully adapt.

  • Lisarc26Lisarc26 Posts: 33
    Ok. I will do! Thanks again! The advice us much appreciated!
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    Unless rain can penetrate a tree canopy and wet the ground below it well, it isn't enough for a newly planted shrub or tree.
    Lots of other planting around it too.
    A bucket every day for it would possibly be enough, more than that if you have no proper rainfall. That would need to continue for quite a while.
    I'd move the tomato though. 
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  • Lisarc26Lisarc26 Posts: 33
    Ok. Thank you. Yes, i moved the tomato anyway. Plus it was getting quite big! Not the best planting decision I've made, putting it next to the flamingo anyway! Haha... thanks again.
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