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colourful but light shrubs for chain link fence

We  have new chain link fence at the end of the garden after the storm in February blew down our hedge so we miss our privacy and would appreciate advice regarding lightweight shrubs to grow up the chain link fence to create a 'wall' of privacy.  On the other side of the chain link fence is a big drop to the next garden so we don't want any heavy plants that would weigh the fence down and fall into the neighbours garden.  Can anyone advise? The fence is 6 foot high and approx 40' wide.  Thanks


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,425
    Have you considered planting some lighter shrubs in front of the chain link fence? The roots of those would help to stabilise the ground if there's a big drop the other side and would keep the weight off the fence. Does sound like a retaining wall should have been built between the gardens though, it's unusual for a hedge to blow down.
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