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Recommend a rose similar to Lady Emma Hamilton please!

I have a number of Lady Emma Hamiltons already and absolutely love the colour, shape, scent and foliage. (DA has withdrawn them from his range and they are now sold out in most places.)

I have a spot for a rose and would like something similar to match the rest of the border.  In fact it’s not ideal for Lady Emma as it is a little shady and I’d like something which grows to around 4ft tall. 

Any suggestions? Colour - that pale tangerine - and repeat flowering are the key criteria.  



  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,660
    Where did you hear it has been withdrawn?

    Maybe Dame Judi Dench, not quite the same as LEH, can take some shade though. 
  • Uncle MortUncle Mort Posts: 77
    I have just checked the web site, it says potted LEH are out of stock, bare rooted are available in November.
  • Thanks both. 

    It is reported in Horticultural Week that around 30% of the DA catalogue is being withdrawn including LEH and Munstead Wood. That article is behind a paywall but it’s also reported here:

    ...which lead me to panic buy a Munstead Wood bare root!

    Happy to consider non-DA options too. 
  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,660
    Thank you for sharing, that is really a surprise as LEH is possibly my favourite DA rose. What a shame! I’m kind of 50/50 on MW...the flowers are spectacular but it is SO thorny and the canes don’t grow in a nice shape. But then, the good! 
  • Mine too! Here’s a shot from HortWeek:

  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,415
    edited July 2020
    ..yes that is true... sooner rather than later I understand.. however they may still be available from other suppliers.. Style Roses are very good and usually have these in stock, I've not checked currently.. for alternatives, larger growers are Lady of Shalott and Pat Austin in similar colours... Summer Song is richly coloured orange, but lanky growth..  Carolyn Knight has more yellow in it..

    ...for non-austins... consider 'Westerland'. not the climbing version but the shrub.. and if you can stand some yellow... 'Golden Beauty' is one you should look at..

    edit to say, yes Style roses still offering it and taking orders for bare roots this autumn...
    ..they supply top quality roses and it's worth looking through their inventory to see if there's anything else that might catch your eye in this colour range...
    East Anglia, England
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527
    If you already have one, you can propagate more by hardwood cuttings taken in the winter.
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