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sweetpea mutant

After sowing a bag of sweetpea seeds I got from a magazine earlier in the year, I noticed that some germinated and had much thinner leaves than the others. I kept growing them and they grew up to have completely different flowers to normal sweetpeas. 
I've never seen any like this and can't find a decent enough identification through plant ID apps either. 
Anybody came across this before? Pics attached...


  • Liz.SprLiz.Spr Posts: 31
    It looks like vetch.
    I have green thumbs and no aphids on my roses.
  • Liz.Spr said:
    It looks like vetch.
    I just googled 'vetch' and it almost certainly is that. 
    Wonder how that got in with my sweetpea seeds though?! 
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    edited July 2020
    We've had several posts about this and the answer is that vetch seeds are indistinguishable from sweet pea seeds, so the suppliers will have vetch growing in their sweet pea seed crop and the machines which separate and package the seeds can't tell them apart.  All you can do is change your seed supplier next year. ;)
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