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Honey Suckle Aphid Woes

Jay TeeJay Tee Posts: 2
Hi. I love honeysuckle and have a 'Belgica' growing on an obelisk.It is very healthy and I picked the spot where I planted it very carefully however I have a recurring problem. Every year it grows strongly, is covered in flower buds by the end of April then within a couple of weeks aphids arrive, the new growth contorts and the flowers become withered and brownish, never opening. I have tried cutting down to the ground (and destroying the cuttings) and in the past and it grows back vigorously only to have the same issue. Is there anything that can be done, I don't have aphid issues anywhere else in my garden and my garden is very wildlife friendly and full of aphid predators (especially hoverfly larvae)


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,745
    I have several honeysuckles and only one, Serotina, is seriously troubled by aphids ... it’s the one in the driest spot ... this year I’m making an effort to keep on top of watering it generously, even on wet days as it’s in the shade of a tree, and when I have the hose out I blast the aphids with a strong jet of water ... it’s not cured the problem totally but it’s certainly improved. 

    My Serotina blooms later than my other honeysuckles which seem to coincide with the time that the bluetits are feeding nestlings ... they're always all over the honeysuckles hoovering up the aphids. By the time the Serotina flowers maybe the nestlings have fledged and moved on to bigger food. 
    Good luck 😊 
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