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Talkback: What's in a name

How about the cricketer Graham Onions?

Or the actor Sean Bean?


  • Oh and Cubby Broccoli (James Bond movies)
  • Ah yes, of course. Sadly, not personal friends. And we'd have to add Mr Bean to that list, too.
  • Of course, there's that very popular kids character Mr Potato Head, too, but now I'm getting into dangerous cartoon territory! Who knows where this could take us.....
  • question reaqlly i have a centre bed plant bizzy lizzies petunias geraniumsevery year this year lots slug damage leggy plants are there any other plants i caan plant that dont loose there attraction perenials ect thinking heucras as they all round show help!!!!!
  • Our rhubarb, name unknown, is not very sweet when used for baking a tart etc. can anyone tell me the name of a fairly sweet variety.
  • i wonderwhat the top 10 of pests would be ??
  • ah my little red pepper
  • I have been told by my neighbour that rhubarb should not be picked after July.
    I have some lovely stems ready to harvest, but feel reluctant to pick them if what my neighbour says is true -or is it just an old wives tale? Does anyone know the answer? I was really looking forward to a rhubarb crumble!
  • Can anyone advise me (a new veg gardener)? I grew some lovely garlic and onions and some of the garlic produced some tiny little heads at the top of the stems. They are just like tiny little cloves. Also one of my onions produced seeds. I have collected them but am unsure what/how/when to plant them? Help please.
  • The tiny little heads at the tops of the garlic stems can be stir-fried when they're young & tender.The French call them rocamboles. They're the flower stems of hardneck garlic, and very nice. Softneck garlics don't produce them.
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