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Fruit tree placement

PyraPyra Posts: 152
So my original plan for my back garden was to at some point get the concrete patio thing along the back ripped up and replaced with fruit tree to join the two originally there on wither side, an apple and a pear. However this wall is north facing and doesn't get a huge amount of sun, despite the garden being south facing. There's also overhang from the neighbours tree which sometimes blocks rain. Will fruit trees be ok there? I was thinking plum and cherry. 

If not there, could they go against the east facing fence? The problem on that side is waterlogging. But I am working on fixing that as I'm putting in a new flowerbed, I'm chucking in manure and sand. It gets the morning sun. Would that be better? Neighbours on that side have no trees, so no competition. 

This is all just planning at this stage. Thanks in advance for any input. 


  • Let's bump it up for any fruit tree lovers to respond ;) 
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