Im planning what to grow once my veg plot is finished and potato is def something I want, I eat tons of them so growing my own organic ones will be terrific.

What is the best variety to grow ? 




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    How much space have you got.?

     If only a small space, then grow first earlies , because that is when they are most expensive in the shops. If  you have an acre, put 25% down to potatoes, and it will feed you all year.

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    I like Charlotte, which are 2nd earlies. You can dig them early and they are good new potatoes, leave the rest in the good until they mature and they are like main crop but earlier and they keep well. They are also more blight resistant than some varieties.

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    Charlotte have been good for me too - but i grow them in bags

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    In the past few years I have enjoyed growing my own International Kidney (Jersey Royal), Red Duke of York, Arran Pilot, Kestrel and Charlotte. Lots of useful info here


  • I was given some pink fir apple. They are lovely. Missed some wneh i dug them up last year so had a lot of extra ones this. Have also tried osprey, not sure if they are early or main crop but they do have a lovely flavour.

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,569
    Hi MIc Charlotte seemed to be the winner on the allotment this year, Cara also everybody happy, Winston early just terrible was also agreed and never again,

    Kestrel 2nd early came out huge and tasted ok not great but ok,lots of slug damage on kestrel and Winston, i like Busy lizzies idea as well,

  • Nadine is another 2nd early salad potato that is reliable. Despite no rain here and only earthing up once I got 32kg from 2kg seed. Plant March, eat June - 90 days. Charlotte is a good one.

    I tend to do most earlies as wireworm and blight seem to hit late July/Aug in here in the SW.

    You are supposed to lift earlies when ready, but main crop varieties can be left in the ground to lift as you require through autiumn,

    Best idea is to plant a few different.good seed potatoes in succession, and keep them nicely spaced.


  • Juliette is a nice waxy/salad type early maincrop, I've had a huge crop from them this year, Kestrel amke a good baker if left to get bigger.  Sharpes Express although tasty have been a disappointment this year. Charlotte have done well also.

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,569
    dug a second bed of Cara up today 50% wireworm, what was ok we're med large to huge,but losing that amount very disappointing, looks like Charlotte are doing well for gardeners in different areas,

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    Charlotte always good,lady Cristel has always produced a large crop,Maris Peer and Nadine have also been reliable,

    Tried International Kidney last year,results very poor.

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