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I see Lidl are doing various bulbs at the moment, with more coming next Thursday.

They have 5kg bags of daffs, so does anyone know roughly how many bulbs you'll get? I think that may be too many, though the smaller bags of 10 bulbs probably work out much more expensive.



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    75 ish

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    I had one of those last year. About 60bulbs. Mainly king Alfred type. Not very mixed.

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  • I'm off to lidl

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    If like me you prefer smaller daffs this is a great buy at £5.99 per kilo (bulb size 12/14+cm).  They are selling Tete a Tete, Pipit and lots of other varieties I haven't even heard of e.g. Fragrant Rose which sounds interesting.  The tulips look a great buy too at £6.99 (bulb size 12+cm) but it is a bit early to plant these in my neck of the wood.  If they have small ones I might just buy a couple of bags and keep them in a cool airy place for a couple of months.

    If you get plants as soon as they come into store then Lidyl and Aldi are great value for money. 

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    I got about 60 in the bag i bought this week, the tulip bulbs around 50 per bag, they seem to be good quality and decent size.

    Range are also doing bags of daffs, 3KG for £4 I think.

  • Just got some mixed narcissi 5kg for £5.00!!!!

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    Where from Stacey

  • Lidl!!!!

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    Stacey I look on the website only 2kg that is amazing for 5kg did you see tulips bulbs as well? I must go get just what I need for the train station garden,  I messaged you

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    I got these and was impressed at how many there were. Bulbs seemed good quality and I have planted them.

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