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What's wrong with my plants?

Hi all.
We've recently bought some plants online within the last month or so and they don't seem to be in the best of health. Unsure if it's just stress from being posted and they will grow fine on e new growth occurs or if we should be concerned.
The plants have all come from different places.
The passion flowers are developing spots on the leaves and something is nibbling away at them but we don't know what.

The Japanese purple maple is developing white spots on the leaves

This last one is a dwarf Victoria plum. The leaves are going brown with spots on and curling up.  The new leaves coming through seem to be fine though.

The plum was really battered around in transit and didn't arrive for at least 10 days from the supposed despatch date so the soil it came in was quite dry.

The passion flowers were also a little battered on delivery but the maple was well packed.
Can anyone tell me what the problems are and what steps I need to take to remedy them?
Thanks in advance.

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