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Lonicear Periclymenum 'Rhubarb and Custard'/'Strawberries and Cream'.

pjwizonpjwizon Posts: 35
Does anyone have experience of growing either the 'Rhubarb and Custard' or Strawberries and Cream' variety of Lonicera Periclymenum? I'm considering growing one in a pot, but would like to know the size they can reach in a patio pot that has direct sun for about one third to one half of the day. Online guides suggest the R&B plant can reach 2m tall and has 1.5m spread, whilst S&C will reach 1mx 1m. 

To what extent are these accurate sizes? The spread is a potential issue as it will be grown quite near a patio door (the idea being to benefit from the evening scent) and I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has grown either of these. Can their spread be controlled by growing through an obelisk and tying in stems to restrain spread?   


  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 BirminghamPosts: 398
    I haven’t grown either of these but any climbers’ spread can be controlled. As you say tying in and then just trimming off any ‘extra’ unwanted length. If you are tight for space these would be a good choice as their spread is fairly tight (compared to lots of others). 
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