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What compost is best for Lavender?

lemzlemz Posts: 19
Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to pot a lavender hidcote plant (currently in a 13cm pot) into a larger terracotta pot (which has 1 x 0.5" drainage hole).  I've read lavender likes well draining soil, so is it OK to use multipurpose compost with 25% perlite mixed into it?  And how often should it be watered?

Thank you!


  • rachelQrtJHBjbrachelQrtJHBjb South BucksPosts: 486
    Personally, I would use a soil-based medium such as John Innes No. 3 and mix with horticultural grit to aid drainage. 
  • lemzlemz Posts: 19
    OK, thanks for letting me know.  I was hoping to use up the rest of my multipurpose.
  • amancalledgeorgeamancalledgeorge South LondonPosts: 1,695
    You can always mix the multi-purpose with some bought top soil (if there's a bit lying around in a shed or garage) for a makeshift John Innes formula result alongside some grit or the perlite. 
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  • lemzlemz Posts: 19
    Thanks for the tip amancalledgeorge.  Unfortunately I don't have any top soil either.  Will see if I can get some from someone though.
  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 1,485
    Personally, I think your MPC with perlite is fine. With mediums like JI3 or MPC/topsoil or MPC/garden soil, the tiny soil particles can sometimes block the air gaps in compost and the whole thing can be quite cloggy.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 6,188
    Just to confuse it a bit more :)

    I'd go for about 60% JI No.2 and 40% horticultural grit and ensure the pot is raised off the ground. Excellent drainage is essential but at the same time don't let it dry out.
    My lavenders have been potted in that for about 5 years now.
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  • lemzlemz Posts: 19
    Thanks edhelka, I'm learning so much already from this forum.  :)

    Yes, I am finding it all so confusing Pete.8  :D.  I know what dry soil feels like, but do you check the soil or for any visual signs that lavender needs water?  I've read it needs watering once a week, but guessing it could be more in hot weather.  Thanks so much!  

    Really appreciate all the help on here.
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