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Catmint catastrophe

lgraham2812lgraham2812 Posts: 14
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Hi all,

A little help required. I have three nepeta six hills giant which a week or two ago started turning yellow/white. Two plants are worse affected than the third. They were planted last year and had been doing well until this point.

Could it be something to do with the heavy outbursts of rain? Any ideas very welcome



  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,939
    Looks like powdery mildew which is normally caused by the plant getting stressed by drought but may have been spread by the rain afterwards. It won't kill it but it might be a good idea to chop it right back and put the cuttings in the council bin to limit the spread.
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  • Thank you wild edges! I've just googled powdery mildew and a milk water solution is also recommended. So will cut back and try that for the next month or two. 

    It seems we may also have overcrowded them so I may remove the middle plant

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