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When to sow strawberry seeds

Hi all. I’m sorry if this is a silly question as the information is on the seed packet but I’d like some clarity from people who actually know what they are doing as I’m still very new to this. Will these produce fruiting plants next year if sown next year or do I need to sow them this year? Many thanks in advance. Marie 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,346
    Sow August this year. Pot  seedlings on individually into 7cm pots. Overwinter in a cold frame or greenhouse. Plant out March next year in rows, or big pots outdoors.  They will then  flower and fruit next year, starting to flower in June and fruiting from August onwards.
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  • marieS24marieS24 Posts: 19
    That’s how I was reading it but the sow/plant information twice had me a little turned upside down. Thank you so much. I will do as you say. 
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