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Homesick hypericum hidcote

Hi - I planted a hypericum hidcote in a border by my pond two years ago.  The last two summers it has flowered beautifully and looked generally well.  Having read that they need next to no care, that is what it has had!  This year I needed to move it, only about one metre, to make room for some borage that I have sown in the same border.  That was about two months ago.  To start with it seemed fine, but in the last three weeks it has dropped a significant number of leaves, and some of those that remain are yellow or brown, some have dried up completely. Others look just fine.  There are many fewer flowers than in previous year but those there are also look fine.  In general, though, it looks spindly and generally unhappy.  Is there anything I should be doing?  It was given a very good water and a lot of well rotted manure when it was moved.  Thanks for any help.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,201
    It is true they do look after themselves and need very little care, but any replanting of any shrub, particularly larger and mature shrubs will need extra care with generous watering and possibly top growth cut down.

    Did you prune the shrub back before moving it? If not, then the shrub will spend its energy trying to maintain the top growth. The roots have been disturbed, and need time to adjust and settle back in. I suspect it is a water issue.

    I would prune back the shrub and continue to water the base in the evenings. Bucketfuls every other day if it is quite a mature shrub. Ease off a bit when the temperatures cool. They will hopefully send out new fresh leaves into the autumn time.
  • philipjohngreyphilipjohngrey CambridgePosts: 3
    Thanks, Borderline - have given this a go and, although it's early days, I think it's starting to look a bit happier.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,201
    Good to hear! I'm sure they will bounce back in time. Just keep on top with the watering through the summer to help it settle in.
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