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I bought a lovely new hydrangea 3 weeks ago and have planted it in a large pot.  Now about 4 of its branches and flowers have withered and died, the rest seem ok at the moment  I’ve cut these off.  It does get some morning sun, but then it’s in the shade the rest of the day.  We have been watering it regularly. I’m wondering if it’s got the wrong soil.  What am I doing wrong?  Thank you for any advice  


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,880
    Probably not enough water.  They don't do well in pots really, even when given adequate water and feed so, if you can, plant it in the ground.  It will need a thorough soaking first to make sure the rootball is thoroughly wet and has no air pockets and will need watering in well too and also throughout the summer till the autumn rains set in.
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    I too suspect insufficient water but I am being successful growing them in large pots. I did think that I had killed one so planted it in the ground. I had to repot it during autumn as the garden was being reorganised but as it looked happy when spring arrived, decided to leave it in the pot. It is currently thriving, in full flower but needing a lot of water. I hope to keep it in a pot to try to limit its size. I have a second one which has never been in the ground despite intending to plant it. It too is fine. All I can say,  is, so far so good. Perhaps yours would benefit from being placed on a saucer so that it would have a shallow reservoir of water, like mine.
  • HotwaxHotwax Posts: 51
    I too have grown a number of hydrangeas in pots over the years, and yes they do need a lot of water. But if you buy them in full flower in quite small pots, then pot them into much bigger pots, you have to be careful not to overwater at the start. They don’t like sitting with a wet blanket of compost round their roots. I assume they have been forced into flowering for sale, so the roots aren’t actively growing at this stage. I may be wrong, but I have certainly killed newly potted plants by overwatering.
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