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Asparagus damaged by the wind

AHRAHR Sheffield Posts: 351
i have planted asparagus for the first time this year. I have about five spears from four crowns. All look as though they are about to flower. Some have been damaged by the recent wind. The damage is at ground level. Should I cut the damaged asparagus or leave it. 

Iv not taken any of the spears this year. 


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 5,289
    No, leave it, the crowns need the nutrients from the green ferns until it goes brown in the autumn, then you can cut them down. I usually support the ferns, either with individual thin bamboo canes/sticks or making a cage around the outside and then criss-crossing around the ferns with twine so they can't blow around. I also planted a second lot of asparagus this year, so looking forward to next year!
  • AHRAHR Sheffield Posts: 351
    Brilliant thanks. I do have some small canes so I will do that now. In the future I will look at making a cage. Thanks again 
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